Scientific Illustration

Natural science illustration is a specialized artistic discipline. Not only does it require skill as an artist, but it also requires scientific knowledge of the subject as well as the ability to reproduce it faithfully, down to the smallest detail. A minute color variation or difference in bill size can mark the difference between one species and the next, so accuracy is critical. That accuracy can be found through research, museum and site visits, and correspondence with researchers.

Many images in my portfolio may be licensed for reuse. Please contact me for more information about terms and fees.

Colored Pencil

Sea Otter Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker Red-Fronted Macaw Blue Rose Chafer Beetle Golden Silk Orbweaver Harbor Seal Head Anatomy Polar Bear Polar Bear Skeleton Polar Bear Foreleg Muscle Polar Bear Anatomical Composite


Seal Tooth Leopard Shark Dungeness Crab Red-Winged Blackbird

Pen and Ink

Southern Masked Weaver Polar Bear Scapula Ponderosa Pinecone Apple Blossom


Cymbidium Orchid